• Rubber Process Analyzer
  • Rubber Process Analyzer

Model : EKT-2003RPA

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The EKT-2003RPA Rubber Process Analyzer is a newest technology rubber-testing and testing equipments instrument, which measuring the Viscosity and Elastic of Polymer properties by dynamic mechanical testing system.

Our dynamic rheometer is designed with rotorless (Moving Die) cavity structure and provides dynamic, strain, modulus measurements in different temperature condition. Using this instrument can create not only better product quality it’s also very suitable for laboratory institution of detail research & development of Rubber Compound.d.

Special Features and Functions

  • Quick Temperature Heat-Up and stabilization
  • Greater sensitivity and precision torque measuring system
  • Multiple Test Functions
  • Simplify Operation
  • SPC Statistics Software



Maximum 30 Hz


40200°C, Optional

Torque Range

225 dNm (200in-lbf)



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