• Mooney Viscometer

Mooney Viscometer

Model : EKT-2003M
• Moony viscosity test
• Scorch test
• Stress relaxation test and analysis

  • Designed in accordance with ASTM D1676 & ISO289 standards. 
  • Main functions of viscometer rheometer:
    • Mooney Rheometer Viscosity Test: A determination of the viscosity of raw rubber or compounded rubber.
    • Stress Relaxation Test: A determination of stress relaxation of a rubber.
    • Pre-Vulcanization Test: A determination of the features of compounded rubber during the early stage of vulcanization.
  • Power Law Decay Model
  • Provide various quality control function to check the test results of mooney value and scorch time; more than 18 points of time relating to mooney value setting enable the user to control the quality of mooney value at any time of test curve.
  • SPC software of mooney viscometer can draw and analyze the test results of mooney values and scorch times such as X-MR, X-R, histogram and normal distribution.