History and Milestone

Major events:  


  • Managing director, Mr. Yau Dong Chang, developed the first computerized Rheometer, rheometer test and rheometer theory in Asia and established EEKON Co. Ltd.
  • A few years later, introduced the first computerized Moony viscometer, Tensile tester, and Plunger tester.
  • Established the first branch office in GUANGZHOU, China.


  • Business expanded and moved to bigger factory.


  • EEKON CO., LTD. renamed “EKTRON TEK CO., LTD.” for international marketing purpose using own brand and take out lots of patent.
  • Introduced new testing instruments to the market
  • EKT-2001VS Vibration Simulation.


  • Passed ISO 9001 certificate.
  • Introduced new testing instruments to the market
  • EKT-2001MG Mixing Grader and obtained the patent of rubber sample cutting.
  • Continuously obtained the patents for other instrument.


  • Introduced new testing instruments to the market
  • EKT-2001OZ Ozone Test Chamber.


  • Passed laboratory accredited by Government TAF Taiwan Accreditation Foundation standard.
  • Established EKTRON USA branch office.
  • Established EKTRON - Vietnam branch office.
  • Established EKTRON - CHINA - Shanghai branch office.



  • Established EKTRON - Malaysia branch office.
  • Established laboratory in cooperation with QINGDAO University of Science and Technology.
  • Established EKTRON - CHINA - QINGDAO branch office.



  • Established EKTRON - CHINA - XIAMEN branch office


  • Imported DMG CNC machining-tool from Germany to ensure high precision parts and materials and DMG CNC lathe and milling machine.
  • Invited by RUBBER WORLD to deliver speech on rubber processing technology.
  • Supply force measurement calibration instrument to Academia SINICA (Government Research & Development institution) as a standard calibration for the rubber industry.
  • Introduced new testing instruments to the market EKT-TR100 Low Temperature Retraction Tester
    • EKT-TR100 Low Temperature Retraction Tester
    • EKT-2128BR Gas Transmission Rate Tester
    • EKT-2120DFT Demattia Flexing Fatique Tester
    • EKT-2130-AL Tire Air Loss Tester
    • PL-2000X Plunger tester matrix sensor


  • Imported Heavy-Duty Double-Column Milling Machines.
  • Introduced new testing instruments to the market.
    • EKT-2002FF Fatigue Failure Tester
    • EKT-2000 OZH Ozone Test Chamber adding Humidity control system
    • EKT-2000DPR-Dynamic Processing Rheometer


  • Imported Established EKTRON - TIANJIN branch office
  • EKT-2000SA-AUTO Moving Die RHEOMETER
  • Ozone Chamber add humility control system 



  • To provide our employees with a space to enjoy their leisure time, Ektron build an employee recreation center.
    Expand our production facility, national standard laboratory, and product showroom.