• Standard Laboratory Mill

Model : EKT-2000SLM

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EKT-2000SLM Standard Laboratory Mill is a computerized two rollers mixer which completely complies with the requirements of all international standards such as ASTM, ISO, RRIM, GB…etc. The patented control system, accurate measurements and software functions can provide perfect performance in the mixing operation and also other benefits in rubber quality evaluations.


This Standard Laboratory Mill offers setting different roller speed or speed ratio settings in accordance with international standards. Programmed settings provide a step-by-step guide to mixing for users. Our state of the art interface design will record and display the rollers temperature, power consumption and mixing torque as a reference for handling rubber during mixing. Additionally, an optional network software is available for linking data and curves to Mooney Viscometer and Plasticity Retention tester so as to gather all data of raw materials or compounds in the same place and analyze their rheological characteristics and quality.


Roller size

Diameter 150 mm (or depending on customer’s request)

Roller width

300 mm

Working width

Max. 270 mm (with adjustable left/right pad)

Rolling speed

0.01~50 rpm

Speed ratio

besides 1:1.4, other ration can be reached by separate setting each roller’s speed

Roller temperature


1)     Room~ 80

2)     23 ~ 80

3)     or others depending on request

Roller torque

860 N-m

Rubber temp.(option)

Infrared thermal image scans rubber’s surface temperature


3 phase 220±10% VAC, 50/60Hz. 75A. 23KW


225(W) x 86(D) x 145(H) cm




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