• Fatigue Failure Tester

Fatigue Failure Tester

Model : EKT-2002FF
• Computerized & automatic control
• Record the extension cycling fatigue life
• Low noise

EKT-2002FF Fatigue Failure Tester, which i s known as rubber tester and rubber testing equipment, is designed in accordance with ASTM D4482 to test the fatigue life under a tensile strain cycle on different kinds of vulcanized rubber compound and to determine the fatigue life at various extension ratios.

  • Each Cycle consists of:
    • Increasing strain for one quarter of the cycle time.
    • Decreasing strain for one quarter of cycle time.
    • Zero imposed strain for one quarter of the cycle time.

  • Distance of specimen holder can be adjustable.
  • Cycle Speed: 1.7Hz
  • Test Temp: Ambient
  • Testing Extension Ratio: 1.6 ~ 2.4
  • Test Specimen: Dumbbell Shape
  • Sample Holders: 24 samples
  • Counter: 0 ~ 999999
  • Electricity: 3 phase, 380 ±10V, 50/60 Hz

Windows software system

  • All the presetting data could be saved and reloaded.
  • All the test results including data and curves could be saved for the resource of Statistical Process Control and printing.
  • All the saved curves could be reloaded for comparison.
  • Data management function provides easy operations of export, copy, and cleaning.

Auto-Calculation & Saving Data

By means of high speed and massive amount of data process capabilities, all the testing specifications can be preset and saved to reduce the operations before a test.   

  • - Auto-calculation - During the test or the end of test, the computer can automatically calculate and save the test results and user can select desired files and put it into the editable report.
  • - Saving Data - Large capacity of memory device is available for saving all the testing results and curves for the resources of data analysis and review.

Curves and data retrieve - All the testing results such as the curves and data can be saved and retrieved for review and comparison.
Colors - of curves displayed on the screen can be selected.
Data view - Move the cursor of mouse to the testing curve, the related time and data value of that point will be automatically shown on the menu.

* Notice: Contents mentioned above are subjected to change without notice in accordance with the improvement of this instrument.