Rheometer Series

The EKT-2003S/2003SP/2003SA series of MOVING DIE RHEOMETER are high precision instruments that offer excellent sensitivity and reliability of measurements for the evaluation of vulcanization properties of rubber compounds.
The instrument is designed in accordance with ASTM D5289 & ISO 6502 standards for evaluating rubber vulcanization characteristics, curing time, cross-linking rate and tan δ. The rubber test piece is contained in the biconical die capacity and maintained at stable die temperature. Through the oscillating of the lower die at small rotary amplitude, a precise transducer, which is installed upon the upper die, will measure the reaction torque of vulcanizing rubber.
The latest technologies in temperature control and torque measurement are applied to ensure faster temperature response and greater repeatability and reproducibility of test results. Besides the scorch time and cure time, both the viscous and elastic properties of vulcanizing rubber can also be accurately measured and analyzed.