• Lab Bale Cutter
  • Lab Bale Cutter

Lab Bale Cutter

Model : EKT-LBC1000

1.  Cutting Width: max. 560 mm

2.  Cutting Height: max. 245 mm

3.  Number of Stroke: By pneumatic cylinder, up to 12 cuts/min, speed adjustable

4.  Bale Length: Unlimited

5.  Cutting Pressure: Ranging from 2 to 8 kg/cmby space spaceadjusting the included Air Conditioning unit

6.  Cutter: Hardened and precision ground

7.  Cutter Bar: Teflon

8.  Rubber Supply: By roller conveyor, total length 800 mm

9. Cutting Line: By using Laser Line Projector to show a red line on rubber for easy confirming the cutting position

10.  Safety Devices:

1)      Cutter activation controlled by two-hand push buttons

2)      Metal sheet & Acrylic covers surround the cutter

3)      Emergency Stop button

11.  Electric: Single phase AC220V, 60Hz, 5A

12.  Dimension: 800(W) × 1050(D) × 1280(H) mm

13.  Net weight: 500 kg.

14.  Accessories: One piece of Air Compressing unit