Company Profile

Ektron Tek Co., Ltd. is a rubber testing instrument company which has professional research and maintenance team. With more than 40 years of experience and technology, we have marketed our products worldwide with our brand EKTRON TEK. Thanks to continuous efforts and innovation, we have gained the trust and compliments as a world-reputed company from our customers and have maintained the leading position of rubber testing instruments industry.

Introduction to the founder

The founder of Ektron Tek is the designer who made the first computerized Rheometer in Asia and the one who established the rheometer principle. At present he’s the leader in our team of the rubber testing instruments development. We insist on providing excellent products quality and fast after-sales service to meet our client’s requirements.

Introduction to core business

Ektron Tek is continuously devoted to research and develop new products, and has obtained lots of technical patents year after year. Currently we mainly provide Moving Die (Foam Pressure) Rheometer, Oscillating Disc Rheometer, fully automatic high and low temperature Ozone tester, Plunger tester, Tensile tester, Mixing grader, Flexometer, Low Temperature Retraction Tester and Air Tight Tester… etc.

Research and development concept

Technological research and development is one of the key-points of future high technology industry. Since its inception, Ektron Tek has been completely devoted to the research and development of rubber instruments. So far, we have made a lot of improvement of current products and designed with friendly operation interface. Ektron Tek pays much attention on professional training our technical team to assist customers in product design and technological consultation.

Precise and stringent manufacturing flow

To produce precision components with consistent quality, Ektron Tek has imported CNC equipment from Germany and implemented the strictest production flow to create an efficient working environment. Our working flow is planned and implemented according to ISO guidelines so that our products fully conform to the ISO standard. Ektron Tek has also imported 3D inspection instruments from Switzerland to ensure component precision.

Fully-equipped laboratory

To provide better service to customers, Ektron Tek has set up its own laboratory under the national standard with precision calibration equipment and professional laboratory personnel. We have also passed TAF (formerly CNLA) certification of the calibration laboratory and signed I LAC MRA. Our lab has continuously upgraded its calibration capability to satisfy customers’ requirements. Thanks to approval of our technology, presently Ektron Tek also provides force calibration instruments for first grade laboratories.