• Auto Compression Densimeter
  • Auto Compression Densimeter
Model : EKT-2005CDR

Auto Compression Densimeter

EKT-2005CDR Auto Compression Densimeter is a new design auto system to measure the density of uncured rubber compounds or polymers.

EKT-2005CDR Auto Compression Densimeter is a new design auto system to measure the density of uncured rubber compounds or polymers.



680mm (W) x486mm(D) x1614mm(H)

Power supply

200-240V, 50/60Hz +N +PE

or 115-127V, 50/60Hz


0.1% (0.001 g/cm3)

Integrated scale

Resolution 1 mg


Necessary air supply pressure: 5.5-10 bar

Pressure range for compression: 4.5-5.5 bar

Environmental requirements for testing operation

+5°C ~ +45°C

Relative humidity: 5-95%

Compression cylinder

Diameter: 59mm

Max stroke: 80mm

Sample volume: 40-120 cm3, 100 cm3 is recommended

Instrument functions

Basic functions:

l   Touch panel monitor and keyboard for easy operation

l   Data acquisition software and output control

l   Other optional function may be requested by the customer


 Friendly software design can help the user to operate the process quickly. A quality control software can check the rubber compounds or polymers is within the upper limit and lower limit quality. Pass/Fail status warning will be displayed on the monitor and have a buzz voice warning. A powerful data base system can save all the testing data and can be called out.

The measuring process is as follows:

1. Weighing the test sample by an electronic balance which is installed on the equipment.

2. Put the test sample in a measuring cylinder and compress the sample by a pneumatic cylinder.

    Then the sample is compressed to a specific volume.

From the displacement of cylinder the volume of sample is calculated.

From the volume and mass of sample the density of sample is calculated.

All these processes are done by the computer control and displayed on the monitor automatically.