• Tensile Tester
  • Tensile Tester
  • Tensile Tester
Model : TS-2000

Tensile Tester

• Tensile test
• Compression test
• Other test for belt, seal, wire, yarn, etc.

  • Advantage server motor, high quality warm gear gearbox, and precise roll bearing screw are adopted to ensure tensile tester machine the accurate control and results.
  • Varity test and measure functions for tensile strength tester:
    • Tension: Our tensile strength testers evaluate the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber, nylon cords, steel wires and O-ring.
    • Compression: A test to evaluate the compression stress and deflection of rubber and plastic materials.
    • Adhesion: Evaluate the static adhesive strength of rubber to rigid or rubber or flexible materials.
    • Tear: A test to evaluate the tear strength of rubber or fabric materials.
    • Auto Thickness Tester: The tensile testing machine with constant depressing load  can connect to computer directly, so it will prevent the error reading and incorrect operation caused by the operators.
  • Powerful database enables user to retrieve and review the rest result of tensile testers.
  • Easy-edit function offers the user to design suitable report formats.
  • Auxiliary calibration software and standard weights enable ser to periodically and easily calibrate this instrument.
  • Other features of tensile tester software contain:  (1) selectable X/Y coordinates (2) per-set multiple sample thickness (3) selectable average calculation methods (4) the way of collection and calculation of the database inside the software could be increased or modified according to the client's request.
  • Provide general used types of grips and sample cutting dies for customers to choose.



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