Calibration service

EKTRON TEK Calibration Laboratory

      EKTRON TEK Co., Ltd. is a professional rubber testing instrument manufacturer with a history of more than 30 years since its establishment. It is the largest and most influential rubber instrument manufacturer in China; it has established a calibration laboratory to serve customers.
In order to respond to the trend of internationalization and provide customers with calibration reports that can be recognized by other countries, it passed the TAF certification (formerly CNLA) in 2003.
Due to the expansion of the company's product line, the scope of calibration capabilities has been expanded; and in 2008, it was certified by TAF. Provide customers with more complete calibration services, and provide services for other manufacturers who have calibration needs.

The company's calibration laboratory has a group of calibration teams with complete qualifications, rigorous training and testing. With the aim of customer satisfaction, provide customers with accurate KA length, KC quality, KC force calibration and valet testing services

Approved Calibration Items

•  Length - KA2016, KA2099

•  Mass/Strength - KC2002, KC2005, KC4003

Service Items

•  LOAD CELL correction

•  Material testing machine calibration (including school tours)

•  Torque meter calibration

•  Length correction (including school tours)

•  Two-point extensometer calibration
No Subject Date
1 L1063-211112 2022-04-27
2 A2LA 6553.01 2023-08-24