• Blow Point Tester

Blow Point Tester

Model : EKT-2001BPT

The EKT-2001BPT Blow-Point Analyzer is a testing instrument that measures the best curing time of rubber for tire and rubber vibration isolation industry and helps to improve the productivity.  By using the special design of wedge mold, it measures the real-time temperature rising during the curing to determine suitable curing time in the curing press.  

The system helps user to improve product’s polymer characteristics to improve the productivity, energy saving, resistance and durability.

•    Mold shape: Wedge-type

•    Heating Method: Special Designed Temperature Heating Structure to get uniform temperature distribution

•    Test temperature: R.T. +10~180

•    Testing Points: Four

•    Temperature Sensor: Pt100 Platinum Resistance Sensor

•    Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.3゜C

•    Power: 1Phases, 220+/-10V, 50/60Hz




Basic components

•    One set of test machinery

•    Including: wedge mold, temperature sensor 4 units, a set of mold heating system, controlling system..etc.



•    Including: Computer with windows system,19”LCD color monitor, Hp color-jet printer, Mouse, Keyboard.









 •    Analyze the air hole inside the rubber sample

 •    To determine the most suitable curing time



The curing process behavior can be analyzed in different thickness.



•  Heat Diffusion Constant

•  Equivalent Curing Time

 •  Blow Point



•    Great Sensitivity of temperature control and uniformity

•    Sensitivity precise thermal temperature sensor

•    Determine the thermal diffusion constant by measuring the temperature at real-time during curing process in wedge-typed mold.

      •    Cutting device to easily cut the wedge type sample

•    Optional equip with CCD image processing function to understand the bubble limiting point