Service Team

Management philosophy

Our management philosophy is customer satisfaction, integrity and continuous operation with special focus on the requirements of each customer. We have enthusiastic fast response to customers and provide excellent product quality to our customers. To provide convenient rheometer services, we open branch offices in China, U.S., Malaysia and Vietnam and agents around the world to serve our customers.

Ektron Tek persists in giving customers the best quality and the most competitive rheometer price.

Ektron Tek is not only devoting continuously to research and development of new technology but also puts lots of efforts to factory and production process management. We demand strictest control of every production process with ISO9000:2000 certified and have also obtained CNLA and European Union CE quality certification to ensure all products meet the various international standards.

Excellent and easily approachable service team

Ektron Tek owns the most professional and quick response service team. Every team member has years of experience and is able to provide professional technical service to customers. Customer’s request and maintenance information are filed and managed efficiently. Through precise division of labor and efficient job allocation, we can satisfy all customer requirements in a fast and satisfactory manner. Ektron Tek is always there for any customer’s need.