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  • Vibration Simulator
  • Vibration Simulator

Vibration Simulator

Model : VS-2001 Series
• Servo-hydraulic test system
• Frequency range 0-300Hz
• Measure the damping coefficient, elastic coefficient (Kd Ks), viscous coefficient and modules, etc.

  • Best vibration tester simulation manufacturer in Taiwan.

    VS-2001 Vibration Simulation is an intelligent rubber testing instrument which measures the dynamic behavior of rubber compound and simulates the behavior in different temperature environment. It provides the function of traditional Goodrich Flexometer and measures the elastic & viscous modules as well. VS-2001 Vibration Simulation is suitable for predicting the heat-build-up of rubber and getting the information of dynamic behavior in the rubber industry.

  • Our simulator is designed to obtain information about the properties of material and products with broadest range of testing capabilities and computerized testing systems. This testing instrument provides static & dynamic tests and data collection by professional software system. The VS series, a new generation of vibration simulations from Ektron Tek, will provide you a powerful and reliable analysis system.

  • For the vibration analysis research, the VS series have the most reliable and cost-effective testing solutions. The systems is designed to measure the damping coefficient the elastic coefficient (Kd Ks), the viscous coefficient and the loss coefficient (tan), modules analytic data offers greater insight into rubber compounds. In conclusion, the VS2001 is designed for the application of rubber compounding.

  • Environmental Chambers Optional temperature control chamber enables user to study the dynamic properties of specimens at the simulating environment of temperature variety. Many types of plastic and rubber materials may have tremendous change of their mechanical properties under stimulated environmental condition. According to the latest research of rubber material, especially in automotive and other rubber related industries, it is very important to know the behavior of materials in different environmental.

  • Ektron offers complete product line of temperature chambers depending on the requirements of testing rubbers, composites, and elastomers

  • Note: Customers can provide information of testing environment, for instance: Static force capacity, Dynamic force capacity, Max frequency (sine wave) and Max stroke of actuator etc. Ektron's technical team will help customers to select the most suitable instrument.