• Low Temperature Retraction Tester
Model : EKT-TR100

Low Temperature Retraction Tester

• Measure the retraction ratio of different temperature automatically
• Test 6 piece samples at the same time
• By means of built-in circulating pump to ensure temperature uniformity

EKT-TR100 TR-Low Temperature Retraction Tester is designed in accordance with ASTM D1329, ISO 2921 with fully automatic and computerized controlling system. 
First of all, the temperature testing equipment can automatically control the temperature and measure the samples deflection by using the high precision measuring device. 
Second, this system can hold the test samples up to 6 pieces. The result will be carried out automatically and shown with related time & temperature simultaneously.

  • Temperature Control System
    EKT-TR100 is designed with stainless temperature bath and equipped with electric stirrer to ensure the temperature of the bath is uniform.
    • By using the PID microprocessor warm mixer and PT100Ω temperature sensor to control the temperature bath accurately.
    • By using the LN2 system to shorten the time of cooling the temperature bath.
  • Computerized Automatic Controlling System
    Window's operation software system provides friendly operation environment also including the following special functions:
    • User can pre-set and save large numbers of testing specifications to save time of setting procedure before test.
    • User can choose the related coordinates such as retraction value corresponding to time and temperature.
    • After test, all test curves and related test data can be saved and retrieved for future use.
    • Test data can be easily saved, export, copied and deleted.
  • Automatically measurement and real-time data display
    High precision displacement measuring device reads the elastic retraction accurately, records the data by computer software and also shows the retraction value with related data of temperature & time on the monitor simultaneously.

Automatic Data Processing
Computer will automatically calculate the temperature of TR10, TR30, TR50, TR70 and the temperature difference value of TR10 and TR70.