• Fully Automatic Flexometer

Model : EKT-2003GF

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  • The EKT-2003GF is a system includes the following functions.
    •Automatic testing system
    •Automatic machinery sample handling arm system
    •Height Measurement Station
    •Sample Center Temperature Measurement

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D623 & ISO 4666 standards. 
  • By means of applying constant load and compression frequency to the test specimen, our flexometer could help user to understand the history of Heat Built-up and dynamic fatigue properties of rubber compounds. For example, while tests the tire compounds, it could provide the information of rolling resistance.
  • Pt100 temperature sensor, temperature controller in PID parameters control, and air circulator are adopted to ensure the stable temperature control.
  • Real time detects the heat built-up and deformation of test specimen, and synchronous displaying the graphic on the monitor.
  • Automatically calculates deformation ratio of flexometer test specimen after test is finished; and then all the data and curves will be saved



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