• Alfa Mirage Electronic Densimeter

Alfa Mirage Electronic Densimeter

Model : EW-300SG
• Conform to Pycnometer and Hydrostatic Method
• JIS K6268A、JIS K6350、JIS K7112、ASTM D297-93-16、D792-00

It takes only 10 seconds to measure density and volume by simply putting the sample into the water. It's ideal for the interval testing of production line.

1. Minimum density and volume resolution 0.01.
2. Maximum measuring range 300g.
3. Result judgment with Comparator Mode is available.
4. Easy connection to PC with standard equipped interface.
5. Ethanol can be used as a liquid medium with improved Styrol Water Tank.
6. Floating objects can be measured.
7. Measuring the change rate of density.

MODEL EW-300SG MD-300S SD-200L
Density Resolution 0.01g/cm³ 0.001g/cm³ 0.0001g/cm³
Volume Display 0.01g/cm³ 0.001g/cm³ 0.0001g/cm³
Scale Capacity 0.01~300g 0.01~300g 0.0001~200g
Repeatability ±0.01g/cm³ ±0.001g/cm³ ±0.0001g/cm³
Measurable Density 0.01g/cm³ 0.001g/cm³ 0.0001g/cm³
Measurable Maximum Size (D)100×(W)70×(H)25mm (D)100×(W)70×(H)30mm
Necessary Amount of Liquid - 50cc
Measuring Method Conform to Pycnometer and Hydrostatic Method
Adaptable Standards JIS K6268A、JIS K6350、JIS K7112、ASTM D297-93-16、D792-00
Power Source(Domestic) AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Source(International) AC115~AC240V
Dimensions (D)218×(W)190×(H)170mm (D)218×(W)190×(H)170mm (D)319×(W)213×(H)301mm
Weight 1.54kg 5.8kg
Optional Parts
Type EW-300SG MD-300S SD-200L
Printer AD-8121B
RS-232C Standard Standard
Liquid Density Kit x
Airtight Wind Shieeld -

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