• EKT-2100RCR


Model : EKT-2100RCR

EKT-2100RCR Rubber Capillary Rheometer is manufactured according to ASTM D5099 specifications to approximate Extrusion and injection (Injection) rubber processing to measure the flow and vulcanization characteristics of unvulcanized compounds, and these material properties Data is useful for process quality control and formulation development in rubber mills.

Whether it is molding, extrusion, or injection processing, the flow and vulcanization characteristics of the rubber will affect the integrity of the appearance of the finished product, and the factors related to the fluidity are the molecular weight size of the rubber material, molecular weight distribution, etc. Type and amount of filler, content and type of plasticizer or softener.... Therefore, by using this simple operation and short test time capillary rheometer, the difference in the flow characteristics of different formulations can be known in the shortest time, which can be used as an effective reference for formula design changes. Of course, for compounds with the same formulation composition but different production batches, good quality control can also be obtained by testing this equipment before entering the production line in order to avoid finding defects in the finished product only after it is put into production.

Manufacturing Specifications

         ASTM D5099

Test Strength

Maximum output75kN 

Output mode: closed-loop servo system

Extrusion Rods and Drums

Size: Equipped with three kinds of extrusion rods and barrels with diameter 20/30/35mm can be replaced

Fitting accuracy: ±0.01mm

Extrusion speed

         0~15 mm/sec

Temperature control

Temperature range: room temperature +10°C~200°C
        Extrusion rod, barrel + extrusion die, injection mold can be independently controlled temperature.

Detection method

Load sensing: Load cell, capacity 100kN
Displacement sensing: LVDT, range 0~20mm

Measurement output

Output dataViscosityShear rateShear stressSpeedPressureVolume flow rate
Output curvePressureShear rateVolume

Test samples

Shape: Cylinder
Feeding/reclaiming method: manual operation
Sampling method: with a round cutter can be manually cut, or optional fixed volume test piece cutting machine.

Environmental requirements

Temperature: Room temperature≦ 30°C
Humidity: 50±10% R.H.

Electricity specifications

3-phase 220VAC , 50/60Hz (or according to customer's local power specifications)

Machine ize

Size: 115 x 53 x 235cm (including test unit and hydraulic unit)
Weight: 865 kg

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